Friday, February 8, 2008

LSU's "primary" yields interesting results

Obama wins SG mock primary election
The voters constituted "over 7 percent" of the student body, unrestricted by party (unlike the actual primaries).
With that in mind:
Democratic side:
Obama: 76.7%
Clinton: 21.8%
Gravel: <2%

Republican side:
McCain: 37%
Huckabee: 22.4%
Paul: 21.6%
Romney: 19%

While Obama won the election with 33.5 percent of the total student vote, party affiliation results turned up a surprising twist. Of the participating student body, there were 45.7 percent declared Republicans, 26.7 percent designated Democrats, and 15.1 percent Independents. Less than 2 percent claimed they were "Other" and 11 percent had no party affiliation.

It seems that I've seen more support for Clinton and Paul on campus, in the form of bumper stickers (Clinton) and signs, banners, chalk writings, etc. (Paul) than for any other candidates.
Yet these two trailed behind--Clinton by a very surprising amount (to me, anyway) and Paul by a surprising amount considering that there were two, not one, candidates ahead of him and considering also the ubiquity of expressions of support for him. "Silent majority" indeed.

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