Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some interesting stories

The old legislature has apparently left us overcommitted with projects, and it will be up to the new legislature and Jindal's administration what takes priority.

Meanwhile, Jindal opposes teacher unions' proposals in favor of a voucher system:

The Republican governor's proposals include several that unions have repeatedly opposed over the years, including a "school choice" program, merit pay, and a tax credit of up to $5,000 per student for parents who send children to private schools or teach them at home.
Some may frame this opposition in terms of teachers' desire for more money--pay raises are in the proposal--but I think what is (or should be) really at issue here is vouchers. They're a step backwards, as far as I'm concerned.

While Jindal may tout the success of his ethics reform, one might question the relevance of the $50 meal limit. If these people (lobbyists) are to be believed, tabs didn't often reach $50 anyway. In fact, this law may encourage more spending.

Jindal's upcoming special session is supposed to include a proposal of $300 million for coastal restoration and hurricane protection. I hope a lot of that is for coastal restoration. Not that I'm against hurricane protection by any means, but hurricane protection won't do any good without the wetlands, and I feel like this has been a neglected point in post-Katrina discussions. As for the transportation money that is to be proposed in the session, some think that Jindal might send much of it to the northern part of the state to placate them in their complaints about coastal spending. This would be smart.

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